TumblTwo - An Improved Fork of TumblOne, a Tumblr Downloader.

TumblTwo is a downloader (crawler) for the Bloghoster Tumblr.com based on TumblOne. After supplying a url, the application will search and download all types of images and videos in a given resolution. It's possible to download only tagged images and download simultaneously from multiple blogs and enqueue others.

Convert & Modify POD HD Presets

This tool has grown over the time and has the following features:

For the POD HD 500 / POD HD 500X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro / POD HD ProX:

  • Convert Presets, Bundles and Setlists to each other model. It literally "converts" them , i.e. does not modify any Amp/Cab/FX Setting.
  • Edit Bundles, Presets and Setlist:
    • Independently change Inputs, Impedance, Amps, Cabs and Mics without changing their parameters. For example, change your live setlist to a studio setlist by changing all pre amp models to full amp models with cab without losing your settings.
  • Translate POD HD 300 / POD HD 400 presets to POD HD 500 / POD HD 500X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro / POD HD ProX presets. Click here for more information.

For the POD HD 300 / 400:

Ultimate Boot CD with WDIDLE3 Util

One thing thats annoying at my selfmade nas is, that the harddisk drives keep park thier heads. Any recent hdds do this to save power, and some systems even have motion detectors, that will park the head at forthcoming crashes, to prevent damage. WD offers a tool (WDIDLE3.exe) to increase the idle value till the head parks, or you can completely disable it.
So, I've made a custom iso image of the recent UBCD (v5.03) with the WDIDLE3 from WD included.

Read more in the article.

Customize your Fritzbox to allow Traffic-Shaping.